What are groups?

An Interest Group consists of a group of members who have the same interest (DID, BiSL, ASL e.g.). Such a group falls under one or more contact persons from that group. If they wish, the members can come up with ideas and develop them further. The idea is that subject specific discussions, questions or projects can be shared within this group.

How can I start a group?

An Interest group can be started only by members of the DID community. There can’t be already a similar group and there must be at least 5 members to join the group and there will be only one so called administrator of the group. In order to start a group, fill out the contact form below with:

  • The subject of the group
  • The administrator
  • The minimum of 5 members
  • The standard the group is part of

Fill out the form below and we will contact you

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