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Accredited training organizations

Official training and examination materials in DID, BiSL next, BiSL and ASL is provided only by the world renowned APMG. In early 2021, specific Practitioner guidance will be published under the DID banner, also supported by official training and certification The next eighteen months will allow ABF to provide a transition period of guidance and support while all guidance old and new, is available.

To assist the providers of training and users of existing BiSL guidance, a workshop of materials to illustrate how to transition from BiSL guidance to DID will be available. Transition guidance will also be available in published form and as webinars/podcasts and an extensive glossary of terms and roles will be provided. The definition and description of roles will be instrumental to bridge the knowledge gap about business information management roles and is needed to clarify the differences (and similarities) between BIM roles used to manage and enable BIM functions and tasks in the Netherlands and elsewhere.

DID Foundation

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BiSL Next

The official BiSL® Next certification from APMG

Certify that you possess the skills and knowledge to transform the way an enterprise manages its data – with the mission to enhance business performance and value.

BiSL Foundation & BiSL Advanced

The official BiSL® Foundation & BiSL® Advanced certification from APMG

BiSL is a comprehensive process framework for business information management. It is supported by a growing number of best practices.  One of the most important benefits of the framework is that a common language and terms of reference are provided to the market.

ASL2 Foundation

The official ASL2® Foundation certification from APMG

There are many methodologies supporting IT management. Application management has received little consideration over the years in contrast to application development and IT service management. ASL®2 bridges this gap.

Examination after self-study

Preparing for an ASL or BiSL exam is also possible through self-study. These public exam are available online. You can registrer for this exam through the website of APMG-International.

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