BiSL ® (Business Information Services Library) – in 3 minutes

Title/current version: BiSL® (Business Information Services Library) 2nd Edition The basics of BiSL® BiSL (Business Information Services Library) is a framework and collection of best practices for business information management. Summary BiSL (Business Information Services Library) was developed by a Dutch IT service provider, PinkRoccade and made public in 2005. BiSL was then transferred to the […]

Business Change Management

Author: Brian Johnson This Whitepaper will largely focus on Business Change Management, as defined in Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) published by The Stationery Office and how programmatic Change differs from Improvement as discussed in BiSL® Next. Programmatic change is consistent with BiSL Next because it is a good practice in its own right and is […]

Complementary Frameworks

Author: Brian Johnson This whitepaper does not attempt to cover the A to Z of methods, frameworks and standards that can be used in combination with BiSL® Next (or with any of the frameworks included here). It is a brief summary of some of the more popular and widely used frameworks that have an impact […]

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