Putting Information Management on the IT Service Management landscape

The not-for-profit ASL BiSL Foundation is forming a Leading Coalition for Information Management (IM Coalition) to help put IM on the IT Service Management landscape. The first organizations to join the coalition are itSMF USA, APMG-International, Capgemini Academy Netherlands, Quint Wellington Redwood, Van Haren Publishing and GamingWorks. Why are we doing this? The ASL BiSL […]

The priSM ® institute approves ASL and BiSL

The priSM ® institute approves ASL and BiSL June 15, 2011 Van Haren Publishing The priSM Institute® has approved the Business Information Management Foundation (BiSLF) certificate as well as the Application Management Foundation (ASLF) certificate as part of the priSM® program, a comprehensive program for professional recognition and development in the IT Service Management (ITSM) industry. […]

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