BiSL® Next

BiSL Next describes the framework of the next generation of the Business Information Services Library, BiSL®. 

What is BiSL® Next?

BiSL next was the first iteration of change to ABF guidance about business information management. The focus became governance, strategy and improvement of all IT-powered business services to reflect the way that modern business is now almost entirely reliant on IT. BiSL next did not attempt to rewrite the ITIL-based operational guidance of BiSL, instead focusing on the broad range of IT capabilities necessary in the digital age.

The BiSL Next book

The first book in the DID series takes the BiSL next book as its starting point and builds on the issues discussed as well as amplifying operational guidance issues. As such, the current BiSL next Foundation book will not be further revised but will remain in circulation. It will be particularly useful for those organisations that have implemented operational BIM guidance and now wish to establish initial plans for governance and strategic improvement.

The BiSL Next Framework

BiSL Next is a public domain standard for business information management with guiding principles, good practices and practical templates.

It offers guidance for digitally engaged business leaders and those who collaborate with them, with the ultimate goal to improve business performance through better use of information and technology.

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